The Story of The Illuminated Elephants

<i>No Mad Living</i><br> – The Book

No Mad Living
– The Book


This is the story of “The Illuminated Elephants”, a modern rebel tribe and their kaleidoscopic adventures where they meet exciting people and discover amazing places. They learn about arts and crafts, about rituals and traditions. With their avant-garde theater plays, they also — with humor and seriousness — spread the vision that it is possible to live in harmony with nature, a wise alternative to the many, often devastating lifestyle that characterizes Western culture.

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A Sane Alternative

The Illuminated Elephants follows the journey of a modern-day tribe of rebels. During their journey through Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas, they acquire a diversity of skills, including the art and craft of avant-garde theatrical performance, seasoning their adventures with a kaleidoscope of happenings, and a humorous, playful lifestyle ”As a Sane Alternative”.

By breaking sexual taboos and using entheogenic plants, The Illuminated Elephants turned their adventure into a life school. Encounters with the original tribes of the Americas, such as Dineh, Hopi, Yaqui, Pima, Wixarica, Seris, Raramuri, Lacandon Maya and Nahua nations; provided them with an awareness of the connectedness of all life, a respectful insight into ancient wisdom and Mother Earth. In the final stage the crew of 15 grownups and 13 children traveling in seven buses, learned how to lead a rich and full life with few possessions but abundant cultural diversity.

“Little in our evolutionary past has prepared us for anonymous life in mass urban centers, suburbs and exurbs. Therefore the goal of living in an intentional community with friends of like mind carries a deep and perennial psychic resonance.”

Richard Heinberg

A Sane Alternative
<i>VI DROG</i><br>The first book

The first book


Jan Svante Vanbart at the age of 16, presents a poetic ecological protest article in the local newspaper and has since then contributed with articles and photographs for numerous newspapers, magazines and books all over the world.


A book of poetic stories: Six chapters from a rolling home, was published 1981 in Swedish.


His real debut as a writer comes with: Vi Drog, around the world with the generation of 68 published by well-known publishing house Wahlström & Widstrand in Sweden 2005. In this book, also written in Swedish, he tells us about a daring adventure of a tour around the planet. Together with Mexicans and other Scandinavians, he made street theater and visiting indigenes tribes such as the Pashtuns in Afghanistan. They met the Tibetan spiritual Dalai Lama with his 50.000 followers from Nepal, Nagaland, Sikkim, Bhutan and Tibet in Bodh Gaya, India 1973. Further down the road they will have a close encounter with the aborigines in Australia.

After a hitch-hiking across the Pacific Ocean they explore deep into Mexico and Guatemala. The Mayan elders reveal the knowledge of the Chilam Balam.